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Prisoners treated well in German hospital - The Weyburn Review, 5Jul1945

"Beach Relief" in Qu'Appelle Valley - source unknown - 1945

Dieppe birthday something special for SSR veteran - Regina Leader Post, 20Aug1987

Presentation given at Grant School, 8Nov1990.

Watching war from far away - Regina Leader Post, 17Jan1991

Coldwell remembers birthday present - Regina Leader Post, 10Nov1992

Sacrifice Remembered - Regina Leader Post, 20Aug1993

Film missed details - Estevan Mercury, Wednesday, 12Jan1994

Painful memories of Dieppe remain - Regina Leader Post, Jan1994

War and Victory - insert in the Weyburn Review, Wednesday, 3May1995

Caring for wounded - War & Victory insert, The Weyburn Review, 3May1995, p. 12

Obituary - 19Sep1999

Military Service Record

Family photo, before the war:
from left to right - brothers
George, Joe, his mother
Hannah, James, his father Joe.

In uniform prior to
going overseas. Oungre,
Saskatchewan, 1940.

James in a suit, taken after he
returned from overseas. He was
in a full body cast for several
months after coming home.

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