Dr. JE Wright - Commanding Officer

JE Wright and wife Nell, 1940.

Letter of Introduction

On Mon, 21 Aug 2017 18:25:42 -0400, D Wilson wrote:

My name in Catherine Wilson, youngest daughter of Dr. J. E. Wright, who was the Commanding Officer of the SSR, September 1st, 1939 until late 1941, when command was transferred to Merritt.

I have been trying to find out more about my fatherís military service during this time, but very little info available until I came across your website and read the copy of the war diary documenting September 1st, 1939. I must say an appreciative thank you to the staff of the Estevan Public Library. He never spoke to us of his military service, passed away in 1976 and as our mother passed away in 1960, we were left with very little first hand knowledge.

We have copies of some photos, which would love to forward for your files. Identity of others in pictures unknown.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Letter of Transmittal

Thanks so much Greg. You tell such a great story, thanks so much for your dedication to this project.

I hope with your contacts, you will be able to find the full articles and create links to some of the scanned clippings that were sent to me by a cousin many years ago. (Unless you want the scanned clippings that I have!). I have also scanned some pics, etc. Hopefully they will be useful to help tell the story about our Dad the soldier.

Three newspaper articles, which I found gave a story of the SSR, could be posted on the photo gallery or other areas you feel would be appropriate.

1) [Part of article attached] Canada's Fighting Forces-'Wheat Belt Kids Strut With Old Sweat's Zip', by Gordon Sinclair (date of publication unknown)
2) [Article attached, the original clipping I received was all marked up, obviously by family]The Third Page-The Leader-Post, Regina, Sask-Jan 15 1940 'Farmer and Trapper March Together in Border Unit"
3) Weyburn Review, August 18, 1982 'Lt Col JE Wright received the call to mobilize the Weyburn detachment of the SSR on September 1, 1939' by Carol Ann Veenkamp

Obituary: [attached] The Leader-Post, Regina, Saturday, January 24, 1976 (pg 12)

As I get more info, will forward. This should give a good start!

Thank you again



Regina Leader Post, Third Page, 15Jan1940.

Saskatchewan Border Regiment, Officers, 1934, Camp Dundurn.

Canadian Fighting Forces, by Gordon Sinclair.

Regina Leader Post, obituary, 1976.

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