Sells, Richard Valentine.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Hello, I've been looking on line for some kind of military diary that applies to my Uncle Richard Sells who died March 3rd 1945 during operation Blockbuster at the Battle of the Hochwald Gap. [In the war diary section for the date of 3Mar1945 the action of the day is described and the number of casualties listed for both sides.] I've only had limited info on him until my sister sent me the attached file. That's why I got to this site but there's no mention of him. Rather than me typing out the text from the file how about you just read it and add it to the list. *[file is unreadable .dat file. Resend as .jpg file if an image or .txt file if text.]

Note: Uncle Richard had 7 siblings and 2 of them also served in WWII. My Dad Sgt. Howard M. Sells and my Uncle Edwin Sells. Both made it home without harm. My Dad served as a Aero engine mechanic stationed in England. My Dad married a war bride and lived in Vanguard, Saskatchewan. Both my older sister and I were born in Vanguard. Dad moved us to Calgary in 1951. My sister was born in 1958.

Edwin never married and was killed in either a small plane crash or car crash.

Learning about Uncle's Richard's military service in a diary type form would mean a lot to our family. My sister Judi Sells-Lee is our family history keeper. *[Apply to Library and Archives Canada using the Link in the Links section of this web site to obtain a family member's service record.]

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Yours in kind,

Dennis R. Sells.

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