Lt. Frederick Propp - Photos submitted by Angela Pound, his daughter

Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 20:12:26
From: Angela Pound

My dad was Lt. Fred Propp.

The picture of my dad alone [above] I believe was taken at a place him and my late mom lived for a while called Runnymede, Sask. I of course am not certain as again nothing on the back. The other picture [above] is of Dad, Mom and My twin sister and I. We were only 6 months old when he went overseas. So even though we didn`t know him it was really emotional visiting his gravesite. My mom remarried (his brother) and she passed away 20 years ago. I have some badges, buttons and medals that my mom saved for my sister and I so have some remembrances of him. Thank you for replying.

These are medals and badges given to Lt. Fred Propp's daughters as momentos of him:

[Medals are (left to right): 1939-45 Star; France-Germany Star; Defence Medal; Canadian Voluntary Service Medal and clasp; War Medal 1939-45, c/w Oak Leaf clasp signifying Mentioned in Dispatches (MID). Below the medals are an SSR cap badge; Memorial Cross GVIR*, commonly known as the Silver Cross; a St. George Star - Stars are more commonly called "pips"and are worn on the shoulder epaulets of an Officer to denote his rank. In the case of Lt. Propp, he would have worn two on each shoulder. It should be noted this metal "pip" was worn on uniforms other than battle-dress. The "pips" worn on battle-dress were made of cloth and coloured thread; plain Canadian Army issue buttons as worn on a tunic or greatcoat. - WM Sutherland]

These are two pictures [below] of him taken during training. I am not sure where as there was no writing on the back of them.

Thank you and you have my permission as his daughter to post the pictures.

Angela Pound.

Note: There are ten references to Lt. Propp in the SSR web site. GCS/gs 23May2005

Images of Lt. Frederick E. Propp from PT Maule

-Lt. Fred Propp KIA night of 19/20Dec 1944 Groesbeek Night Fighting Patrol - PT Maule.

- 17 Plt Front Row, left to right, Ryrse, Coleman, Nilsson, Lt. Propp, McTavish, Back Row Rosen, Wostradowski, Yakubowich, Oakes, Whitman, Lemarquand, MM, Langille, Maubert, MM. Lt. Propp KIA 19/20Dec44 "Operation Dynamite" LeMarquand & Maubert awarded the MM for the actions during "Dynamite" photo courtesy of Shorty LeMarquand - PT Maule.

-Maj. Bill Edmondson; Lt. Freddy Propp; Pte Yakubouchi; CSM Gunga Dean; Lt. Lavire; Pte Hadden; Sgt Guy Ludgate; Joe Clifton - PT Maule.

Casualty List summary: Propp, Frederick E. Lieut; Service Number unknown; 20-Dec-44 Groesbeek killed; Burial - Groesbeek 1.G.10.

-Groesbeek, 1May2005 - Photo by Kees Stravers, courtesy of Groesbeek Bevrijdingsmuseum.

* On the Memorial Cross GVIR: "The Cross will be a Cross patonce in silver Suspended by a purple ribbon; at the end of the upright a crown; at the foot, and at the centre, within a wreath of laurel, the royal cypher "GVIR" It will be engraved with the number, rank and name of the soldiers commemorated."
"The Memorial Cross (more often referred to as the Silver Cross) was first instituted by Order-in-Council 2374, dated December 1, 1919. It was awarded to mothers and widows (next of kin) of Canadian soldiers who died on active duty or whose death was consequently attributed to such duty."
Memorial Cross Description - Veterans Affairs Canada