William Prellwitz - images submitted by Dennis Pervis, his son.

William Prellwitz, wife, son William Prellwitz

William Prellwitz with group 403. William Prellwitz is in the front row 3rd from the left with lighter clothes. This looks like Canada. Probably during his basic training at either Kamloops BC or Red Deer Alberta. Probably taken during the winter of 1942/43 or 1943/44.

William Prellwitz circa 1943. Date is a guess. Location unknown - might be Kamloops or Red Deer. William Prellwitz is on the viewers left. Looks as if it was taken at the same time and place as "William Prellwitz with group 403". Probably in Red Deer.

Group photo including William Prellwitz.
The back of the photo has the names as follows:
Left to Right:
Front Row: Cpl Butler, Sergt Dobson, Lte Ellecker, Cpt Martin, Lte Georling, Lte (?), Sgt Ross.
2nd Row: Pte Martin, Pte MacArthur, Pte Long, Pte Peterson.
3rd Row: Pte Lesser, Pte MacMillan, Pte Miller, Pte Ortman, Pte Mathews, Pte MacMaster.
4th Row: Pte Summers, Pte Kozan, Pte Malligan, PTE PRELLWITZ, Pte Leduc, Pte Lardner, Pte Pinkney, Pte Kopp.
5th Row: Pte (?), Pte Kaiser, Pte Shiskin, Pte Sieb, Pte Kosteroler, Pte Schuler, Pte Kozak, Pte Nolan.
Surradge not in picture.

William Prellwitz circa 1943. Date is a guess. I think the fellow standing and facing the camera is William Prellwitz. The lack of conifer trees leads me to believe this is not in BC. Probably taken the summer of 1944 in Red Deer or England. Preparing for war.

William Prellwitz circa 1943 002. Date is a guess. Picture may have been taken in Kamloops BC or Red Deer Alberta during basic training.

William Prellwitz circa 1943. Date is a guess. Location unknown - probably Red Deer. William Prellwitz is standing. Looks like a Rocky Mountain foothill in the background.

William Prellwitz circa 1943. Date is a guess. Not sure of the location probably in Canada. William Prellwitz is on the viewers right.

William Prellwitz Aug 1944. This would have been taken in England while waiting to cross the channel.

Gravestone of William Pervis Prellwitz at Bergen-op-Zoom, 27Jul1987. He was killed in or near a town of Krabbendijk, Holland. Family lore says it was a sniper but I have no proof of this.


Tue 8/2/2005 9:50 PM

From: Dennis Pervis [dpervis@infoserve.net]

Hello Gregory Salmers:
I have 11 photos to send to you. It would be very satisfying to have an area to honour my father. This type of website is important - "Lest we forget."

Nominal Roll entry:

Serial Number - K-2316
Rank - Pte
Surname - Prellwitz
Initial - W
Code -
Casualty Date - 26 Oct 44 AEF Killed

GCS/gs 03Aug2005 I remember. GCS/gs 13Mar2013.