James Piasetzki

Photos submitted on 18Feb2001 by Greg Piasetzki, son of James Carmen Piasetzki, L-12294.

"James was from Renfrew Ontario but joined up October 4th, 1939 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Like lots of men from Ontario in those days he rode the rails in the Summer and Fall to where ever workers were needed to bring in the harvest. Many men from Ontario and further East joined the SSR.

James joined as a private and was discharged January 5, 1946 as a sergeant.. He served as a foot soldier, motorcycyle dispatch rider and company clerk.

I would of course be interested in any photo's anyone else comes up with re the SSR in these years."

-Greg Piasetzki.

South Saskatchewan Regiment in England

Bell Tent


Dispatch Rider

England Group

Packing for Dieppe

Camp Shilo, June 1940

Records D, August 1943

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, January 1945