Contribution from Pam Parsons - World War 1
Hand Embroidered Regimental Unit Badge

The following item was received from Pam Parsons, c/o Al Redekopp*, 5620-51 Avenue, Lacombe, Alberta, T4L 1K8. 403-782-4292.

The inscription on the back says:

Bob gave me for me, Onis, for my birthday in 1918. He was in hospital in England and a man in the same ward made this for Bob. I would like Archie to have this. Love Mum. First World War. 1918.

A paper note was received with the framed badge which says "Bob Grandfather of Pam Parsons. Archie is Father of Pam Parsons."

Further enquires revealed Bob gave it to his wife, Onis, and she gave it to his son Archie. Archie gave it to Pam. Bob's last name is not known at this time.


*Al Redekopp, a veteran, collects photos of army, navy, air force, police, fire department, coast card badges.

GCS/gs 16 Oct 2005