Muth, Ervin.

Private. H-1333.

Teulon, Manitoba.

Entry in Canadian Virtual War Museum

Dutch Request for More Information from Family

Via email - 15Mar2018


I am Kim Huvenaars, and I am a research team member of the Faces to (Canadian War) Graves foundation in Groesbeek, the Netherlands. We are creating a digital platform/memorial for all the soldiers buried at Groesbeek. We write lifestories about them, to give their grave a personality. In this matter we not only search for military records/facts but also for personal information from family, friends etc.

I contact you, because at the moment I am doing research for

Ervin Muth , Private in the South Saskatchewan Regiment, R.C.I.C. 'H/1333'

Born 22 May 1922 in Gretna Manitoba. Died 13 January 1945 in the area of Mook, the Netherlands. He is buried at Groesbeek cemetry, grave III. C. 3

I was wondering if you might have any information , option to search for info or contactdetails of comrades/friends/family or pictures of Ervin Muth? Of course we have his service records, and the info from Des Kappels book. But I was looking for more "detailed" info.

If you would like to have more info, feel free to visit: or contact me.

Many thanks in advance,

Member Research Team Faces to Graves Foundation

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