James Earl McRae

A letter from Ken Alexander on 5Dec2014:


My grandfather, James Earl McRae, was a member of the SSR for many years. He was part of the lucky number who went to Dieppe and managed to return.

I believe he was sent home sometime in 1944 or perhaps earlier Ė I havenít got a lot of information about him other than some few letters and a few other wartime documents, and then some letters when he was trying to find a job back in Canada while the war was winding down.

What I do have is some of his uniform buttons, insignia, patches, etc. And somewhere we also have his medals Ė including the DSO he received likely after Dieppe.

Wondering if there is anyone who remembers Major McRae, either during or after the war. And if there is anywhere that someone might want any of the memorabilia?

My Mom, Helen (Jimís daughter) is now 90 years old and suffers from advanced dementia (very happy lady, as she always was, but memory is mostly gone and has limited mobility etc.) and neither my brother or I have any children, so nobody to pass along these things to in the future. I would likely keep some of the letters and maybe the medals but then again, why keep them in a drawer or trunk if there is somewhere that people could see and appreciate them. And what better place than in Weyburn?

Please let me know if there is any interest in receiving any of these historical items, and also if anyone might remember my Grampa McRae. He died when I was very young and I have very few memories of him in person but I have a number of great photos and feel very proud of him and would love to know more.

Thanks for your time.

Ken Alexander

[A response has been sent to Ken inviting him to submit photos of the medals, of Major McRae, of the buttons, patches, etc. In addition, if he chooses to send to me the actual items I will find a home for them in an armoury, military museum, or other suitable location. - GC Salmers, Webmaster and Honorary Life Member of the SSR Association.]

See Major McRae's listing in the Main Nominal Roll.

See also his listing in the Dieppe Raid Nominal Roll.

If anyone has personal memories of Major McRae, or photos of him, please contact Ken Alexander or the SSR Webmaster.

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