Lieutenant Wilson James Laird

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Greetings from Calgary!

I am looking for information about my great-uncle, Wilson James Laird. I have found some information that says he was part of the South Saskatchewan Regiment. However, I am unable to find anything about him on your website. Here are some references below. I look forward to your reply.



See his entry in the SSR Nominal Roll.

Here are two pictures of Wilson Laird. In second picture he is the last person on the right.

Wilson is also in an image on the page below.

Image and content courtesy of the Hong Kong Veterans Association web site.

Grenadiers 1905 Building:

The Grenadiers, WWII, Pilot Mound. Front row: Joe Reynolds, Wilson Laird, Jim Craig, Jack Hay, Bill Mayne, Larry Simpson, Guy Stewart. 2nd row: Graydon Emery, Ed Toews, Buzz Winram, Dick Currie, Lindsay Wagner, Tiger Agerbak (killed in Hong Kong). 3rd row: Buster Agerbak, Ed Currie, Ken Agerbak, Gylen Creelman, Jack Fordyce, Keith Stewart, John Olscen. Names in bold are Hong Kong Veterans.

See his listing in The Roll Call of Honour

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Wilson enlisted with the Winnipeg Grenadiers and served sixteen months in Jamaica. He returned to Canada and went on to train in Quebec, then in England in 1942. Back in Canada, he joined the South Saskatchewan Regiment and was shipped back to England. He was killed in action on October 23, 1944 and is commemorated at Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery in Holland. Laird Lake, west of Godís Lake in Manitoba, is named after him.

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