George R. Jabusch

Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 10:37:42 -0700
From: Debbie McPhalen
Subject: RE: SSR member George R. Jabusch

My father, George Jabusch, was proud of his service with the SSR. He joined the Army on March 25, 1942 at age 23. He was trained in Terrace, B.C. and then spent time on duty in England. He played saxophone and clarinet in the army band while he was there. Dad landed in France with the SSR in July, 1944 near Bayeaux. He was wounded at Clair Tizon during the advance to Falaise on August 14, 1944 and rejoined the SSR at Brasschaet, Belgium on October 3, 1944. Dad was a stretcher bearer and he was teamed up with another soldier called "shoepeg". (I believe that his surname was "Shoemaker" but I don't know that for certain.) Dad always said they brought each other luck.

After the war, Dad returned to Saskatoon. He worked at the DVA hospital, where he met my Mother. They were married in June of 1948. They had four children and six grandchildren. My Mother died on September 7, 2005 and my Father joined her five weeks later, on October 12. I think he would have liked to know that some of his photos and documents were displayed on the SSR website.

Respectfully submitted by his daughter,
Debbie McPhalen

1 - my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1998

2 - Dad in uniform

3 - Dad is in the centre, being hugged!

4 - Dad is on the right

5 - (one of my favorites) Dad is at the top

6 - Dad on far right

7 - this was a very small photo and may not be clear enough -- Dad is holding a clarinet and is standing to the right of the drum

8 - Dad

9 - army discharge certificate and a certificate

10 -identifying him as a stretcher bearer.

11 - Dad at right

12 - Dad in front row, far right

13 - Dad at right

14 - Dad

DM/gs 30 Oct 2005

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