Photos by Douglas Edmondson, son of John Edmondson

"Memories and reflections of the Dieppe Raid of August 19, 1942." Co-authored by Lt. Col. John S Edmondson and son R. Douglas Edmondson, written October 1993, revised July 2003.

At Rocquancourt, Normandy, in a German amphibious scout car, converted to Allied use, 11 August, 1944: Private T. Schwartz, Major J. Edmondson, Captain N. Hadley.

Company Sergeant Major Ed Dunkerley, (screened), and Lt. Col. John Edmondson, leaving the cenotaph area in Dieppe to join the veterans' parade to city hall 19 August 1992.

John Edmondson standing on an old German bunker on the east headland overlooking Pourville, 18 August 1992. The main road through the village and the beach promenade are the prominent features.

On military exercise in England 1943.

Lieutenant John S. Edmondson, South Saskatchewan Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, photo taken in England 1941.

The Estevan Mercury Article - Sept. 17, 1997 - War Veteran Remembers Five Hours of Hell (by: Norm Park)