Corson, William C. - Private - L-22063

Student seeks information on this soldier

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The Main Nominal Roll on this website lists a W.A. "Coreem" with the same service number. We believe this is a typographic error either in the original creation of the typewritten Nominal Roll, or in the interpretation of it during digitization. We believe the name should be "Corson", as the emails below attest.

Email from Tia, 3Apr2018

Hi Greg,

I'm not sure when William Corson switched regiments, none of my research has come up with it. However I do know he was apart of the SSR then was in the Canadian Intelligence Corps as intelligence during the war. I'm assuming he was apart of the South Saskatchewan Regiment before going off to war and was placed in the Dieppe raid simply because he was from Saskatchewan and knew the Regiment. All of this is just my own personal guessing, something along those lines must've happened. Overall, I am very thankful for your help and assistance throughout my research process.

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Email from Greg to Tia, 1Apr2018

Hi Tia.

There may be a mistake in the Nominal Roll.


This entry appears there. It is his service number, but the name may have been mistyped or illegible on the original records and during digitization the keyboarder may have had to interpret it. Or the original Nominal Roll was typed incorrectly. Anyway, two soldiers can't have the same service number. And Coreem is an unlikely name, in my experience with Canadian WWII soldiers.

L-22063 Pte Coreem W A

The National Records says he was in Canadian Intelligence Corps, and an intelligence officer. That said, soldiers do change rolls and regiments, especially during deployment, and he could also have been posted to the SSR while in the RCAC. Anyway, I wlll look into it.


Email from Tia, 1Apr2018

Hello again,

I have lots of information about William Corson. I have attached a link to a pdf saved to my google drive since it is too big to send as a file.


I found out he was apart of the South Saskatchewan Regiment by a biography posted in the newspaper after his death in WW2 (added below). I found this on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial ( ) when I inputed his name. There are also some pictures and information on the CVWM about his death and burial which is not in the link I provided. Some of that information includes that he was buried in the Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery (Hautot-Sur-Mer) in Seine-Maritime, France.

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Email from Tia, 1Apr2018


My name is Tia and I am currently a student attending Secondary School. My history class is currently studying the case files of Canadian soldiers from WW2 for a project named "Lest we Forget".

The soldier I am studying was named William Corson who was born in Scotland and moved to Saskatchewan and joined the South Saskatchewan Regiment in 1939. He was intelligence for WW2 and was apart of the Dieppe raid on August 19, 1942 and sadly died in the battle.

I was wondering if you have any further information about the South Saskatchewan Regiment and their role in WW2, the Canadian Intelligence Corps or about William Corson and his family.

I have also CC'd my teacher if you feel it is more appropriate to speak to her, although I would love to hear back and possibly share any of the archives, files and documents I have uncovered during my research if you would like.

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