Photos submitted by family of George Frederick Carratt

From: "gregory valerian"
Subject: re: gf carratte
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002

Hello Greg, these are some of the pictures out of my dad's photo album.

Top left: Dawling Iris Webster, Carratt, some friends
Top right: L-R Mathew Dowlin, MacDonald, Harnsworth, GF Carratt, this is the boy that joined my unit(this is what was written on the back of the pictures)
Bottom pics: unknown
Top: written on back of picture is: "Notice the little guy in the middle, how short, two soldiers, pals in the Montreal Regiment. Names? I am on the write hand side, I was nicknamed 'Tiny'. The little guy weighed 105 lbs. This picture was taken by the barracks. The little guy came up to the pockets of my tunic and I am 5'11.5" tall."

Bottom: "This is what the barracks looked like inside. Notice the double bunk. This is our barracks in Three Rivers Quebec. If you look close you can see the rifle rack. Over one thousand bunked here."

South Saskatchewan Regiment.
"Barracks from outside, the big building in the centre is where we slept. Kitchen is upstairs, police station, jail house, and guard room on left of tall building. Other building is a large grand stand. This is in Three Rivers Quebec- Exhibition Ground, the second best in Canada."

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