Photos submitted by Mark Bore

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Mark Bore's grandfather as a Corporal in the Edmonton Fusiliers, just prior to his going for officer training. He went for officer training with Tom Crosston and others who later served in the SSR with him.

Mark Bore's Grandparents and father shortly after his grandfather was commisioned as an officer.

Page one of the last letter Lieutenant F.J. Bore wrote from the field with the SSR.

The second page of Lieutenant F.J. Bore's last letter.

Canadian War Cemetery in Adegem, Belgium. Many members of the SSR are buried here.

Lieutenant F.J. Bore's grave.

A quote from an officer about F.J. Bore:

"Frank Bore was a friend of mine. After service Overseas, many ex-NCOs went through Officer Cadet Training in Canada together, including training at Currie Barracks, and Frank also came with me to the SSR. He spoke to me (15Sep44) two nights before he was killed. He died at Bray Dunes Plage during an attack to try to reach the so-called "Sanitorium" there. He had a narrow escape from a German mortar bomb while talking to me! Landed almost between his feet, but in the soft sand, he was somehow spared. I may have a photo somewhere, but can't be sure. On returning Overseas we were stationed in Sherwood Forest just after D Day, before going to France. I found his final letter rather ironic."

-C. Law, Capt., SSR. 29Dec2002

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