Photos submitted by Harold Bonnett - from his book "An Erk among the Elks"

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Cover of "An Erk among the Elks"

Four aircraftmen from 38 SFTS Estevan in Regina Street in March 1943. From left to right: Alan Vinall, Harry Williams, Bert Marshall and Harold Bonnett.

Author skating in 1942 on an Estevan prairie slough or pond in November. The dog 'Jankers' was the mascot of No. 38 SFTS at Estevan. Some chaps said that this dog came over on the boat with us when we came from Britain.

The author pushing the wheel-barrow in the 1943 tilt the bucket race at the Sports Day of 38 SFTS at Estevan.

A 1943 photo of an Anson II Aircraft on the concrete forecourt at No. 38 SFTS Estevan. These planes were powered by seven cylinder radial engines made by the Jacobs Company, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA.

A 1943 scene with the author sitting in the seat of a lightweight four wheel gig that had been home-made by a Ukranian settler. The location was the horse and cart park in Estevan.

The author sitting in a boat during the 1943 flooding of the Souris River between Estevan town and the airfield.